There’s a bunch more options now in the compact design! You can now add the thumbnail, venue, excerpt (short description), and even a button with a link to the event.

the events calendar shortcode compact design

You can even specify the size of the title with the new titlesize attribute, ie. titlesize=”18px”

Here’s an example of all the options wrapped into one neat shortcode, just remove the options you don’t want:

[ecs-list-events design="compact" thumb="true" venue="true" excerpt="true" button="Register Now" titlesize="18px"]

Just update to at least version 1.4.3 in your dashboard, and be sure your license key is set under Settings > The Events Calendar Shortcode. If you don’t have a license, grab one now to add a nice listing of your events wherever you need them.

Get The Events Calendar Shortcode

Published by Brian Hogg