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Promote your events more effectively with this add-on WordPress plugin for The Events Calendar. No coding required.

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Powerful Customization

Options to display only the events you want, the way you want to display them.

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A WordPress plugin that works with your existing theme, right out of the box!

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Add more than one listing or calendars of events on a single page.

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What our users are saying


Fantastic, Great Customer Support

I love this plug in. It did exactly what the Event's Calendar couldn't, and I now have a beautiful page detailing only upcoming events in an efficient and easy-to-peruse manner. This way my users don't have to click through a month-by-month view in an attempt to find upcoming events.

It also looks great in my widget sidebar.

I really appreciate what you've done Brian and wish you all the best

Rianna S

Used to Extend The Events Calendar

This helped me to extend “The Events Calendar” so that I can better display past events. Having past events for an event plugin is a no-brainer, but somehow “The Events Calendar” plugin didn’t think it was important enough to include, and this plugin extends this basic functionality perfectly.

Ed S

Simple to include

With this plugin, you can add a block or a shortcode (which is just some text between [ and ]) on a page to display a list of your events. For example the shortcode to show next 8 events in the category "festival":

[ecs-list-events cat='festival' limit='8']

What You Can Create With The Events Calendar Shortcode Pro

You get full control over how your events are displayed, with no code required: choose to show your events in multiple layouts, with or without images, a registration link, calendar view, description, and metadata such as the venue location.

And you can even have multiple shortcodes per page. Plus, it works with the free version of The Events Calendar!

Show your events with full description

This is the default view, which outputs data from The Events Calendar plugin to show your most recent events in a list, with all information; including the time and location, map link, event description, price, and a button to click through to the full event.

detailed view

Show your events in a compact design

Get your events to display in a compact design, with only the event date, title, and a link to find out more. Make your events fit when you're short on space!

detailed view
detailed view

Show your events in a compact design, with a little extra detail

Customize the compact design, adding extras such as event thumbnails and a registration button.

detailed view

Show your events in a calendar

Get a calendar view for your events, showing the events on each day with a hover-over for extra information. Visitors can click on any event for more information.

detailed view

Show your events in columns

Choose a column-based design with images, dates, and a short description.

detailed view

Show your events grouped by date, with the venue shown

You can group events happening on the same date together, perfect for a busy schedule.

detailed view

Show your events with pagination

Get previous and next links, letting your visitors view more events without loading too many events at once.

detailed view

Show your events in a calendar, with filterable categories

Get an advanced calendar view, letting your visitors filter the events displayed by parameters such as category, venue, and location.

detailed view

What shortcode options are available?


Make it easy for visitors to find the events they want. You can add multiple listings of events on a page, wherever you need it!

Future Events (Default)

Show a list of your upcoming events

Past Events

Show your past events in a listing


Filter events listed by one or more categories


Filter events listed by one or more tags


Show only events for a specific month, or the next/current month


Show only events for a specific year

Hide Recurring

Only show the first instance of a recurring event

Number of Days

Choose how many days to show events, ie. 1 day or a week

Single Day

Show events from a specific date, ie. 2023-04-15

Date Range

Show events between certain dates

Featured Events

Show only events marked as "featured"

Sold Out Events

Hide events that are sold out, when using the Event Tickets add-on

Single Event

List the details of a single event by ID, for example on a blog post


The total number of events to show in the list


Skip a certain number of events from the beginning, useful for using multiple shortcodes on the same page or splitting into columns.


Display events by city, state/province, and country


Show events added by a certain user on your site

Additional Fields

Filter by fields you've added using The Events Calendar PRO or Advanced Custom Fields


Display related events in the same series anywhere, so visitors can quickly find them


Show only the details you want for each event, with options to customize how they're displayed. No coding required.

Event Details

Show some or all of the event title, thumbnail image, excerpt (short description), date and venue

Full Description

Use the full description instead of the excerpt (short description) of an event in the listing


Display the cost of the event next to the title


Add an easy to see button for each event, and change the colors and text

Image Size

Specify the size of the image in your event listing


List the events in ascending or descending order by the event date

No Events Message

Specify the message if there are no events

Start Time

Show only the start time of the event


Choose from a number of beautiful designs for your events, or customize and create your own!


This is the default design if you don’t specify another one. Good for a list view within a post or a page.

See Examples

Calendar View

Display a full calendar view of events wherever you need it.

See Examples


A smaller design great for showing more events in a smaller space, and easily seeing the date on the side. There are a number of options to customize what is displayed and you can combine more than one option at a time.

See Examples


Split events into columns so they’re easy to read and visually appealing. Looks great when events have photos (featured images) but works either way. The rows flow into each other in a Pinterest-style design.

See Examples


Show your events in a table view in the number of columns you want!

See Examples


The grouped design lets you show many events in the same day, grouped together with the date (or month) as the header.

See Examples

Filter Bar

Add a filter bar to the top of the calendar to let visitors refine what events are displayed!

See Examples


Add previous and next links to let visitors see more events!

See Examples

Custom Design

Customize the existing designs or create your own by placing one or more templates in your theme folder

View Details

Make it easy for visitors to find your events

Instant Download. Includes Filter Bar. 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.


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I was trying to solve issues with multiple The Events Calendar shortcodes on the same page and came across this plugin. After seeing the plugin had a no-questions-asked return policy I decided to give it a try. This plugin addressed my issues, and would highly recommend it to others.

Barry H

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This plugin works with either the free or pro version of The Events Calendar plugin to show the events you want anywhere on your site.

Note: This plugin is not developed by or affiliated with The Events Calendar or Stellar WP (makers of The Events Calendar) in any way.