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Column listing of events
The Events Calendar Shortcode Filter Bar Demo

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With this plugin, you can add a shortcode (which is just some text between [ and ]) on a page to display a list of your events.  For example to show next 8 events in the category "festival":


[ecs-list-events cat='festival' limit='8']


Design Options

Free Version

Basic design ready that you'll likely want to style with a bit of CSS.  The shortcode has options for showing or hiding things like the venue and image.


Pro Version

Improved designs without needing any CSS/HTML/PHP knowledge. You also get additional options like limiting the events to a certain number of days (ie. 1 day or 1 week) or show the first of a recurring series of events (see below)



[ecs-list-events design="compact"]


[ecs-list-events design="compact" thumb="true" button="Register Now"]


[ecs-list-events design="calendar"]

[ecs-list-events design="columns"]
Column listing of events

[ecs-list-events design="grouped" venue="true"]

[ecs-list-events design="calendar" filterbar="true"]
The Events Calendar Shortcode Filter Bar Demo

What shortcode options are available?


Make it easy for visitors to find the events they want. You can add multiple listings of events on a page, wherever you need it!

Future Events (Default)

Show a list of your upcoming events

Past Events

Show your past events in a listing


Filter events listed by one or more categories

Tagpro only

Filter events listed by one or more tags


Show only events for a specific month, or the next/current month

Yearpro only

Show only events for a specific year

Hide Recurringpro only

Only show the first instance of a recurring event

Number of Dayspro only

Choose how many days to show events, ie. 1 day or a week

Single Daypro only

Show events from a specific date, ie. 2017-04-15

Date Rangepro only

Show events between certain dates

Featured Eventspro only

Show only events marked as "featured"

Sold Out Eventspro only

Hide events that are sold out, when using the Event Tickets add-on (from Modern Tribe)

Single Eventpro only

List the details of a single event by ID, for example on a blog post


The total number of events to show in the list

Offsetpro only

Skip a certain number of events from the beginning, useful for using multiple shortcodes on the same page or splitting into columns.

Locationpro only

Display events by city, state/province, and country

Additional Fieldspro only

Filter by fields you've added using the Pro version of The Events Calendar, or with Advanced Custom Fields


Show only the details you want for each event, with options to customize how they're displayed. No coding required.

Event Details

Show some or all of the event title, thumbnail image, excerpt (short description), date and venue

Full Descriptionpro only

Use the full description instead of the excerpt (short description) of an event in the listing

Costpro only

Display the cost of the event next to the title

Buttonpro only

Add an easy to see button for each event, and change the colors and text

Image Size

Specify the size of the image in your event listing


List the events in ascending or descending order by the event date

No Events Message

Specify the message if there are no events

Start Timepro only

Show only the start time of the event


Choose from a number of beautiful designs for your events, or customize and create your own!

Defaultpro only

This is the default design if you don’t specify another one. Good for a list view within a post or a page.

See Examples

Calendar Viewpro only

Display a full calendar view of events wherever you need it.

See Examples

Compactpro only

A smaller design great for showing more events in a smaller space, and easily seeing the date on the side. There are a number of options to customize what is displayed and you can combine more than one option at a time.

See Examples

Columns/Horizontal/Photospro only

Split events into columns so they’re easy to read and visually appealing. Looks great when events have photos (featured images) but works either way. The rows flow into each other in a Pinterest-style design.

See Examples

Tablepro only

Show your events in a table view in the number of columns you want!

See Examples

Groupedpro only

The grouped design lets you show many events in the same day, grouped together with the date (or month) as the header.

See Examples

Filter Barpro only

Add a filter bar to the top of the calendar to let visitors refine what events are displayed!

See Examples

Custom Designpro only

Customize the existing designs or create your own by placing one or more templates in your theme folder

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this with the free version of The Events Calendar (by Modern Tribe)?

Yes! This plugin works with either the free or pro version of The Events Calendar plugin to show the events you want anywhere on your site.

Do I get plugin updates?

Yes! After purchase you'll get a license key, which will allow you to have automatic update checks, just like any other WordPress plugin.

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What counts as a “site”? Can I use The Events Calendar Shortcode PRO on client sites?

A site is any URL (even a subdomain) that you install WordPress on. If you’re building client sites, you can purchase a multiple site license OR purchase an appropriate license for each client.

What types of payments do you accept?

We currently accept all major Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, plus PayPal.

Do you have a refund policy?

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I have other pre-sale questions, can you help?

Yes! Contact us here for any other pre-sale or general questions, see the plugin in action in our demos, or view more details in the documentation.

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