How to show related events from The Events Calendar

You often see related or recommended items when shopping, so why not show a list of some of your other events when some views the details of one?

With The Events Calendar Shortcode PRO it’s easy! Just put this at the bottom of the event description:

[ecs-list-events exclude_id='current']

This will showcase some of your other events while excluding the current event from view.

Alternatively you can add it to all events by creating a new functional plugin to put the following code into:

function tecs_add_related_shortcode() {
   echo do_shortcode( "[ecs-list-events exclude_id='current']" );
add_action( 'tribe_events_after_the_content', 'tecs_add_related_shortcode' );

You can also add other options such as filtering by category or tag to narrow the events down further.

Grab a copy of The Events Calendar Shortcode PRO and start cross promoting your events!