Keep your audience engaged and attending your events!  Get your event calendar newsletter set up right to automatically send your upcoming events to your MailChimp subscribers.

The process is simple.  We’ll send a short questionnaire to decide things like how often you want mailings to go out and the best format to showcase your events.  Then we’ll set up a test mailing and when you’re happy with it, switch it to your actual list.  Have multiple lists?  We’ll show you how to easily create new feeds of your events and replicate what we’ve set up to keep them in the loop.

Going forward you’ll just add events to your website.  Your list(s) will be kept up to date automatically.  And if you have any questions we’ll be available to support you.


  • Creation of a basic template in MailChimp and the Event Calendar Newsletter Pro plugin to display your events that looks good on both desktop and mobile
  • Configuration of an automated daily, weekly or monthly mailing or pulling your events into a scheduled newsletter for you to replicate
  • Testing the output your template in Gmail, OSX Mail, Android mail and iOS mail
  • Tips on growing your list and tracking results

Includes installation of your Event Calendar Newsletter Pro plugin and configuration of a basic template (list or grid view of your events, no custom graphics).

While the basic configuration does not include custom design or advanced customization, if we decide that would be worthwhile we can discuss how we can help with that too.