Event Calendar Newsletter for Event Espresso

Add the details of the events you've added to Event Espresso inside your newsletters


Have you faced this?

You want to add the details of your upcoming events to your newsletter, such as the event title, date, start time, location, description, and a link to buy tickets.

But to do this you need to copy and paste all the details of the events manually, likely making a mistake in the process.  Then, you need to format it to look how you want.

Now imagine this...

You quickly select what events you want to include inside your newsletter.




You use the default design, or confirm the format and add the details you want to include about your events.




Then you just click a button to get the details of your events, ready to be added to your newsletter!




All your options can be saved into one or more templates to make it easy to recreate your newsletter every time you want to send one with your latest events, with just one click.




If you use MailChimp, MailPoet, Active Campaign or AWeber there are even options to automatically include the events inside your newsletters!

For example with MailChimp you can copy the "MailChimp Merge Codes" from a saved template:




Then, paste this into a MailChimp campaign to your list subscribers.  When you send the campaign to your subscribers, these merge codes will be replaced with your latest events automatically.




You can even let people choose what types of events they want to hear about, and only send them those events.  All of this is possible and more once you install and activate the Event Calendar Newsletter plugin.

I searched for a long time to find a solution to create a Mailchimp upcoming events newsletter. Also, your support is superior to any other plugin I've worked with.

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Dale Norenberg
Dodge County Fair Association

Your plugin does exactly what I was hoping it would do, that is, send out an email listing all the upcoming events to those that want to be notified

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James Doyle

Get this plugin now

Save hours of your time, get more sales and keep people informed of the events you've added to Event Espresso using this plugin.

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Get this plugin now

Save hours of your time, get more event ticket sales, and keep people informed of the events you've added to Event Espresso using this plugin.



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