Supported WordPress Event Calendars

Event Calendar Newsletter uses the events from your WordPress event calendar plugin.  You'll see one of the plugins below on your site to add events and include them in your newsletters, many of which are free:

Do you use another calendar and wondering if support can be added for it? Send a request!


  • Select events from 1 day to 12 months to add to your newsletter
  • Quickly copy and paste the output into your newsletter
  • Select events by category, tag or a specific calendar so you get only the events you want in your newsletter
  • Save multiple templates to quickly fetch events for different parts of your newsletters, or for different newsletters (ie. weekly upcoming event newsletters vs. the next month)
  • Use the default design or customize the formatting and add the information you want in your newsletter using a visual or HTML editor
  • Split your events into multiple columns (premium and developer licenses)
  • Group events by day or month so they're easier to read
  • Save multiple templates - quickly get the events you want in the right format
  • Ability to automatically insert events into supported email programs like MailChimp, MailPoet and Active Campaign
  • Ability to configure automatic mailings and reminders of events
  • Selecting less than a week (1-6 days) of events
  • Use a custom date range to select only the events you want, ie. if you're creating a future newsletter in advance
  • Email support - get questions quickly answered and submit any feature requests

Supported Email Sending Programs (Automated Sending)

Event Calendar Newsletter does not send emails, but quickly creates the list of events for you to copy/paste into your newsletter in the format you wish.

However you can save even more time by automatically adding your upcoming events into your newsletters, which can be done using these supported platforms:

  • MailChimp
  • Active Campaign
  • MailPoet (WordPress plugin)
  • Newsletter (WordPress plugin)
  • Drip (from LeadPages)
  • AWeber

Use another email program and wondering if it can be supported? Send a request!

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