What people are saying about Event Calendar Newsletter

For YEARS I have been hoping, wishing, praying for a way to automate getting our weekly events into our campaign. I am so thrilled to have you come across your plugin and am incredibly appreciative of your personal assistance in getting the tool up and running. Thank you!

I searched for a long time to find a solution to create a Mailchimp upcoming events newsletter. Also, your support is superior to any other plugin I've worked with.

Your plugin does exactly what I was hoping it would do, that is, send out an email listing all the upcoming events to those that want to be notified

Just a quick note to thank you for your follow up. The plugin is great. Easy to set up, refreshingly simple and working perfect in no time. Your personal follow up was a much appreciated cherry on top.

I was always making errors when creating event newsletters based on the calendar on my WordPress website. Now I use this plug-in to generate newsletters automatically from my calendar and it works like a charm!

I have everything integrated into an automated campaign in our custom email template and it looks GREAT. Again - thanks for everything… this is a huge time saver.

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