You add the events to your Google Calendar, but there seems to be no way to add those events into a Mailchimp campaign without manually copying and pasting all the details.  Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically add in the events inside your newsletter with a couple of clicks?

Events in Campaigns to the rescue!

Set up an Events in Campaigns account

Just sign up for an account with Events in Campaigns. It’s quick and easy, and free to try.

Add Your Google Calendar ID

Once you have created your account, you’ll be prompted to add your Google Calendar ID:

To get your Google Calendar ID:

1. Go to the Google Calendar app and login with your Google account

2. Scroll down to your calendar list and find the calendar you’d like to share. If needed you can create a new calendar for only the events you want to share in your emails by clicking the + beside Other Calendars and then choosing Create new calendar

3. Hover over the calendar you’d like to share, click on the three dots on the far right side, then select Settings and sharing

4. Scroll down to Access permissions for events and click Make available to public

5. After making the calendar public, scroll down to Integration calendar and copy the Calendar ID

6. Last but not least, paste this into Events in Campaigns and then click Next

Add Your Events to a Mailchimp Campaign

On the next page, you’ll get some code to enter into a Mailchimp campaign:

Lastly, go to your Mailchimp account (free for 2000 subscribers if you don’t have one already) and create a new campaign.  Inside a text block, paste the merge codes you just copied:

then under Preview at the top, select Enter preview mode:

You’ll see the next 60 days worth of events from your Google calendar automatically appear:

That’s it! As you add events to your Google calendar, they will automatically be updated in your campaigns. No more manually copying and pasting events from your Google Calendar into your Mailchimp newsletter when you can embed Google calendar in Mailchimp.

You can sign up for Events in Campaigns (a service by Event Calendar Newsletter) to save you time and effort creating your newsletters.

Published by Brian Hogg