You add the events to your Google Calendar, but there seems to be no way to add those events into a MailChimp campaign without manually copying and pasting all the details.  Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically add in the events inside your newsletter with a couple clicks?

Event Calendar Newsletter and Simple Calendar – Google Calendar plugin for WordPress to the rescue!

Install Simple Calendar (Google Calendar events)

Log into your WordPress site, then go to Plugins > Add New and search for Simple Calendar.




Install and activate the plugin.  Then, go to Calendars > Add New:


Calendars > Add New


Enter a title for your calendar, then scroll down to Calendar Settings and click Google Calendar:




Click on the “Detailed Instructions” links on how to make your calendar public and get the required Google Calendar ID.  Then click Publish to save the calendar.

If you are using the free version you’ll also be prompted to add a Google API key.  Just click the link and follow the instructions to set that up.


Install and Configure Event Calendar Newsletter Pro

In only a couple minutes, you’ll be able to add your events into your newsletter!

After getting a copy of Event Calendar Newsletter (which you can find with Plugins > Add New and searching for Event Calendar Newsletter), install and activate the plugin.  You can then click Event Calendar Newsletter and you’ll see Simple Calendar as an option:


event calendar newsletter displays simple calendar option


Scroll down to the area where you can edit what parts you want to include in the newsletter, such as the title, start date/time, a link to the Google Calendar event, and others. If you have the pro version you can even specify the calendar(s) you want to include events from:


Select what calendar(s) to use


Either edit or leave as-is, then just click the button to generate the events:




If you have the pro version of Event Calendar Newsletter, you can save this as a template, which will allow you to quickly fetch the details of the events again and allow us to add them into MailChimp automatically:




Now click Saved Templates under Event Calendar Newsletter, and copy the MailChimp merge codes:




Lastly, go to your MailChimp account (free for 2000 subscribers if you don’t have one already) and create a new campaign.  Inside a text block, paste the merge codes you just copied, then go to Preview & Test to see the results:



mailchimp preview events


All set!  No more manually copying and pasting events from your Google Calendar into your MailChimp newsletter. You can grab your copy of Event Calendar Newsletter to save you time and effort creating your newsletters.

Don’t use MailChimp?  There’s several other mailing programs supported, or a quick copy/paste will get them into your newsletter software.

Published by Brian Hogg